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Farm News

Little Village Farm in Proctorsville, Vermont runs a CSA every summer, offering full and half shares. 

Farm News

Our CSA members are an integral part of the vitality of our little farm; every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from the early summer to mid-fall our members stop by the farm to shop our ever-expanding farmstand. We value our relationships with our members and appreciate their commitment to supporting local farming. Sound great? Read on! We are accepting new members for our 2017 season on a rolling basis; we open for the season on May 19th. 

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The basic definition is a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

How does our CSA work?

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture has many benefits: farmland is worked, community members partake in fresh, local food, foodbanks are stocked, home-chefs are born and you - the consumer, receive a percentage off farmer’s market pricing in exchange for providing your farmer (quite literally) with ‘seed money’ before the season begins.

You then come to the farm every week of our harvest season (approximately 22-24 weeks; May - October) and collect your organic veggies. Our CSA distribution happens in our farmstand. All harvested produce from that week is packaged and priced; ready for you to “shop” just as you would at the farmer’s market.

You take as much or as little of every harvest item as you like, depending on your weekly needs. (ie- if you are going away and just need a few things, great. If, however, you are having company and need larger quantities, take it.)

Your produce items are tallied at retail pricing and then discounted by the percentage on your member card (see below for discounted percentage tiers). Non-produce inventory items (jams, pickled jars, honey, syrup, etc) are not discounted. Your total is then deducted from your balance.

Keeping Tabs on Your Share Balance

We keep your balance records so you don’t have to, and always provide you with a copy of your debits upon request, including your running total of how much you’ve saved off retail pricing. If you find your initial deposit is running out before the season is over you may deposit more funds into your DEBIT account and keep your discount rate. However; you must do so before your balance hits zero. We will give you advance warning when you have less than $50 left.

member Tiers

Choose your tier based on your produce needs. For instance, if you maintain a small garden you might choose the Bronze tier to supplement what you grow but if you prefer we grow all your vegetables then choose the SuperGreen tier.

Before farming, when we would go to the farmer’s market weekly we were shocked at how easy it was to spend $40 or more each time. With the market open June - October we had produce ‘sticker shock’ when I computed our total spending for five months was at least $800, if not more. We love the idea that you will control of your money with the same variety of fresh, organic produce you find at the market.

Bronze Tier
$300 deposit into your Little Village Farm debit account
20% off retail prices

Silver Tier
$400 deposit into your Little Village Farm debit account
30% off retail prices

Gold Tier
$500 deposit into your Little Village Farm debit account
40% off retail prices

SuperGreen Tier
$600 deposit into your Little Village Farm debit account
50% off retail prices