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Farm News

This blog keeps you updated on what's on offer each week at the Little Village Farm in Proctorsville, Vermont.

Farmstand Harvest: August 16th-21st

Katie Hamlin


Finally, they are turning red! Yahoo! You have all followed our signs on the Easter-Egg-Hunt of left turns to select your vegetables. Now that harvests are prime and we pick daily, we will be open everyday, except Mondays. Hours will flexible but as a rule, we plan to be open evening hours Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and extend our weekend hours by adding Thursday.  Come stock up for canning season! If you see our signs, we are open.

This weekend's stock:
    •    High Mowing's Signature Mesclun Mix
    •    Arugula
    •    Fresh Onions (not dried yet)
    •    Rainbow Chard Bunches
    •    Kale Bunches
    •    Tomatillos
    •    Golden Zucchini
    •    Green Zucchini
    •    Tri-Colored String Beans
    •    Sweet Bell Peppers
    •    Mild-to-Hot Peppers
    •    Cucumbers (Slicers, Burpless English, and Pickling)
    •    Summer Squash
    •    Orange Kuri Squash
    •    Spaghetti Squash
    •    Delicatta Squash
    •    Kennebeck White Potatoes
    •    Yukon Gold Potatoes
    •    Beets
    •    Seasoned (Dried) Garlic  Bulbs
    •    Purple Cabbage
    •    Murdock Cabbage
    •    Carrots
    •    Kohlrabi
    •    Ground Cherries
    •    HERBS: Please ask and if we have what you need, we will cut some for you.

Lately I feel like I'm in the Pickling business. This week we stocked:
    •    Dilly Beans
    •    Pickled Beans
    •    Pickled Zucchini
    •    Mild Tomatillo Salsa
    •    Hot Tomatillo Salsa

You won't see them on the shelves for a few weeks as they need 'rest' time for the flavors to develop, but know they are coming.

C & C Cakes is back from fishing!

Although we tossed around all kinds of 'fishy' cupcake ideas, she decided to go with a basic Vanilla Cupcake with a sweet Maple Buttercream Frosting.