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This blog keeps you updated on what's on offer each week at the Little Village Farm in Proctorsville, Vermont.

Farmstand Harvest: August 5-7th

Katie Hamlin

Rain then Sun - Perfect Growing Weather!

**HOURS: Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 11am-4pm**

You all know Julia Ravlin, our farm manager; but what you might not know is that this only her second year on our farm. It really doesn’t feel like it. In fact, when she left for vacation Monday I wasn’t quite sure what we were going to do because filling her shoes didn't seem possible, especially with Jeremiah and I off-farm three days a week. Amazingly, the good Lord heard our plea and sent a couple to us, just for the week, and they have been wonderful. We look forward to the return of Julia on Sunday.

This week at the Farmstand:
    •    Mesclun Greens
    •    Kale Bunches (mix of Siberian and Red)
    •    Rainbow Chard Bunches
    •    Tri Colored Beans (Yellow, Green & Purple)
    •    Baby Beets
    •    Broccoli
    •    Caraflex Cabbage
    •    Famosa Cabbage
    •    Carnival Blend - Bell Peppers
    •    Variety of Hot Peppers: Hungarian Wax, Jalapenos, Cayennes, Poblano, & Anaheim
    •    Zucchini
    •    Cucumbers
    •    Summer Squash
    •    Orange Kuri Squash
    •    Kohlrabi
    •    Peas
    •    Small Yellow Potatoes
    •    Small Red Potatoes
    •    Fresh Garlic
    •    Herbs Selection: Dill, Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil, Cilantro,Thyme, Sage, Thai Basil
    •    And More!

LVF's BULK Section is Growing Again! Now Available:
    •    Organic Farro
    •    Organic White Hulled Buckwheat
    •    Organic, Natural Cane Turbinado Sugar
    •    Organic Millet Flour

As well as items to spice up your veggies!
    •    Garden Vegetable Bouillon Cubes
    •    Sesame/Soy Rice Crackers
    •    Balsamic/Roasted Onion Veggie Rub
    •    Asian/Curry/Honey Veggie Rub
    •    Braggs Liquid Aminos - Spray!  Fresh Sweet Basil Pesto and Lemon Basic Pesto also available!

Do you have an item you'd like to see in our bulk section? EMAIL US as our wish list is growing too.

C & C Cakes is back with a Decadent Chocolate Cupcake!

Come by every weekend watch us grow throughout the season!