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Chaga Chunks


Chaga Chunks

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Chaga Chunks

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We are excited to now offer chaga in chunk size pieces!

Chaga has always been a medicine born in nature. It's anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties lie deep within its dark brownish-red marrow. In fact, after centuries of lying-in-wait for humans to cycle through their preferred and respected medicine cure-alls, the strong and might chaga is back, being hailed with monikers like, "the immune boosting superfood". 

And the wonderful news is; it is all true. It seems that this camouflaged mushroom, for hunting them is not as easy as it sounds, lives in that happy-medical-medium very few drugs have ever been invited into. Eastern and Western Medicine both agree. Consistent consumption of chaga tea, tinctures and infusions:

  • supports the immune system
  • exposes consumer to soothing properties for those in consistent pain or discomfort
  • regulates blood pressure and cholesterol numbers
  • boosts antioxidants 
  • transfers antiviral properties  
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What is Chaga?

A mushroom by any other name, is porous, squishy and tends to be a love-it or hate-it vegetable. Chaga, although firmly rooted as a fungi, is none of these things. Found in abundance in the Northeast, especially in the higher elevations, this dense substance is often mistaken for a burnt knob of wood barnacled to the bark of a tree, a birch tree to be specific.

Chaga grows exclusively on Yellow and White Birch trees and is not easy to harvest. Unsealing this mushroom from the trunk of the tree requires an ax and height, more often than not of the 30 foot ladder variety.

Medicinal Name: Chaga

Scientific name: Inonotus obliquus
Family: Hymenochaetaceae
Kingdom: Fungi

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    Will Chaga Help Me?

    Is chaga a miracle mushroom? Of course not. Like every other vitamin or nutritional supplement you take, chaga builds all these benefits in your body over time. People who incorporate chaga into their daily routine do so out of a desire to feel better. 

    Do you suffer from Parkinson's?
    Concerned about cancer because of a family history or a recent onset?
    Living with an Auto-Immune Disorder?
    History of Blood Clots? 
    In constant pain, or just feeling sluggish?

    Chaga is your answer! Simply follow the directions for boiling or infusing it into your daily diet and you will not believe the physiological change.

    How long will my chaga last?

    How do I store my chaga?

    The history of the chaga mushroom is rich, ancient and more than compelling. The first evidence of the chaga mushroom’s existence came circa 4,000 B.C., when Otzi the Iceman roamed the Alpine region of the planet. When the four thousand-year-old mummy was discovered, he had chaga in his pockets, which he purportedly carried with him as a medicine for intestinal inflictions. In 200 B.C., ancient Chinese healers deemed chaga the “king of herbal medicine.” For centuries chaga has been used as a healing tonic and an amazingly powerful adaptogen herb. Today, chaga is making a welcome comeback, and it is our intention to be a part of the venerable mushroom’s emergence into our modern day health care system.
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